Skullbamx, one of me bestests friends, based on his URL.

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Geoblu’s personification based on her URL.

Since ‘geo’ comes from the greek term meaning ‘earth’ the first thing that popped to my mind was the planet Earth. All the blue is because of ‘blu’.


Just a quick painting I did of myself showing of mah collarbones.

Quick painting I made. It’s been AGES since I posted. For some reason I posted it on my other Tumblr. Wut.
Took about 4 hours. 

Matt Smith! He’s adorkable c:
Made with GIMP and a Wacom Intuos4
About 4ish hours, one of my faster pieces. 


marco puccini

“occhi differenti”

(via designaemporter)

wrking rather faster than usual

WIP still

Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor)


Andddddddd more Doctor Who fanart… Matt Smith <3

Looks like he’s having an orgasm BUT WHO CARES. c: 

Work in progress~